Childcare Software Training

I have 15 years experience using APT Childcare Software. I use this system every day and utilise it as fully as possible in the day to day running of an Early Childhood service.

I can meet with you and or your staff and look at how to get the best from the system. I can train new administration staff with the basics or help a confident user with possibly how to get more from it.

Click to make contact below and I can discuss with you options on how to best suit your needs.

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"At Childspace Early Learning Centres we have been using APT early childhood administration software as our primary management system for many years. Information on how to use the database has been passed down from manager to manager, to assistant managers, to head teachers and so on. However, with the many software advancements and natural progression of systems, in 2017 we found ourselves needing a review. We feel fortunate to have got in contact with Todd, from Advance ECE, who was more than happy to support our team. 


Todd visited us in Wellington and spent a couple of hours with each manager working through our administration systems. From rosters to day sheets to WINZ to bulk funding to 20 Hours ECE, he had an extensive look at every feature of APT. He gave each manager a few tips and tricks on this visit.

Through further consultation he supported us in streamlining some of our systems while also ensuring speed and accuracy in using the software. We are all now on the cloud and feeling much more confident in using every feature APT has to offer."

Dee Finn


Childspace Early Learning Centres